Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This E-Commerce Startup Gives Online Buyers A Smart Personal Shopper

Shoptagr is an up and coming business that is filing the void between online shoppers and retailers that has haunted the online shopping experience for years. There is an obvious trend of shoppers switching from shopping in physical retail stores to simply using the internet to fulfill all of their shopping needs. The major problem that Shoptagr is working to solve is the tedious and time-consuming process of e-commerce and online shopping. People looking for products online spend countless hours doing research on product prices, searching for coupons, comparing prices of products offered on multiple websites,  and sifting through advertisements and different websites. Shoptagr has created a universal shopping assistant to expedite this online shopping process. 

Shoptagr has created a universal shopping cart so that consumers do not need to wasted time with looking on the web for the best deals anymore. They have found a way to create this artificial intelligence by using big data and predictive analytics to identify customer behavior trends and collect data from thousands of retailers in order to provide the best deals for the desired product in an instant. This allows retailers to make their products more accessible and transparent to consumers so that the problem of shopping cart abandonment is eliminated. This technology is a benefit to both retailers and consumers. The founder of shoptagr said that he believes artificial intelligence is going to be a vital component of e-commerce within the next 3-5 years. 

I believe that using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics is a powerful instrument for retailers and consumers to make the online shopping process more efficient and effective. Utilizing big data in a way that can provide information about pricing trends and consumer behavior can allow consumers and retailers to know exactly what the other side of the transaction will want and when they will want it. This will cause supply chain management to become more effective because using this increased information they can identify when to increase or decrease inventories for certain products based on consumer behavior. Retail companies will also be able to sell their products faster because the customer will use artificial intelligence to find the products they want in much less time. 

On the other hand, some people may question how reliable this artificial intelligence is and would argue that the consumer would not trust this service to provide the best possible products and the best prices for those products. That is a valid argument but one must consider the fact that as time moves forward the intelligence will increase in processing capability if Moore’s law is taken into consideration. Technology and AI is improving in quality as time moves on and within the next few years the process provided by companies like Shoptagr will become less prone to errors as the technology improves. This is why Shoptagr is not denominating the online market place currently, but I believe in a few years it will be the industry standard. 

-Bryce Carrasco 

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