Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pick up hoops anyone?

Just when you thought technology has reached it’s peak and everything that idea has already been thought of, you are rudely mistaken. Two Sacramento grads, who happen to be twin brothers, have created a revolutionizing app that is pure genius; changing the world of pickup basketball forever. The app is called Hoop Maps, which can be found on the App Store. The app is a worldwide database for pickup basketball lovers. If you are ever looking for a pickup basketball game all you do is sign in to the app, and with location services the database will track nearby games for you, posted by other pickup basketball lovers. As a basketball player myself I feel this is pure genius, but at the same time so simple. It’s one of those things when you kick yourself and say “why didn’t I think of this”
As we are in the heat of March Madness, the app has gotten a fair amount of attention. I feel the app will do great; for the simple fact that there’s is great demand for something of it’s sort, while basketball and technology are certainly not showing signs of slowing down. Along with both brothers being rounded, having degrees in business and marketing respectively, with some technology education as well.
There isn’t much competition, in terms of a direct identifiable competitor, as no one has created an app as such before. However, there is a ton of indirect competition that takes a bit of insight to see. I feel this is detrimental to things such as organized men’s leagues, that do exactly what the app do, but a lot less conveniently and more expensively. They basically exist for to connect basketball lovers in respected areas to other players. With this app, it’s all done for you electronically, so I feel this has the potential to completely shut down organizers of this sort.
Is technology growing to be our best and biggest asset? I mean it literally has it’s hand in everything. From the way we shop, the way we eat, the way we travel, the way we meet people, and now even the way we play a pickup basketball game? Is technology becoming too big? Is it overtaking us? Is something like this helpful or hurtful in the long run? Yes, on the first layer this app is great because it’s convenient, it’s quick, it’s easy. I think this is great, it will be able to connect people who would else never be connected before this app, and they get to do something which is very personal and active, play basketball. This app will create great relationships.
Many argue against the overpowering role of technology as of late, but I will continue to be an advocate. All inadequate things will get push to the side, the diminishing role of humans in these trivial activities will shift our focus, to bigger and better and propel civilization even further. Cheers to the technology age!


Bryce Carrasco said...

This app definitely had a good premise, but i do not see it being used at large scale due to the fact that if you do not live in a city or crowded I don't think this app serves much purpose. If you live in a rural or even a suburban area the odds are very low that you are going to drive to meet up with strangers to play basketball. This app is using the tinder for sports idea and spinning it to resemble something that is differentiated and unique when it really isn't. Similar apps have been created in order to connect sports fans and athletes locally in the same manner, so this app is not innovative or useful in my opinion. However, the use of technology is increasingly connecting people with similar interests and I do think that there is a huge market for it, I just don't really see this particular app making a lasting impact. I do think people will love this app and find it very helpful and will meet new people but that will not be the majority experience. For instance, if i were to use this app right now in baltimore It might set up a game in a neighborhood that isn't very safe or I could be connected with people that are dangerous or aren't really looking to play basketball, the whole idea of meeting strangers via social media is suspect in general. This is a highly difficult problem to fix and I do not see it happening in the near future for Hoopmaps.

Justin Friedlander said...

I was truly impressed and amazed by the post about the new pick-up basketball app, Hoop Maps. As a soccer player, I immediately wondered if anyone would be able to create an identical app for pick-up soccer. Soccer is a sport with much greater international support as well as just more people who play the sport in their free time. An app that could connect people to pick-up soccer games in their area would serve the same purpose as Hoop Maps. In addition, soccer’s increased popularity could lead to greater success for a soccer app. Of course, I immediately found out that an app like this exists: Jogabo. Founded in 2013, Jogabo helps players find pick-up soccer games in their local area. In addition to this, you can record your pick-up stats, such as goals, assists, and distance covered after you finish a game. You can also see the stats of other players to have a little friendly competition and see who can top the charts for each statistic. I will be sure to test out Jogabo sometime this summer to see how effective it really is.

Jason Baskind said...

This app may look like a good idea to help organize basketball games constantly for kids, and don’t get me wrong the intentions are great, but I don’t see it being very successful or safe. It doesn’t sound too safe to me for strangers meeting up on social media to play a sport. Problems could present themselves if one group of kids are thirteen years old and the strangers they meet up to play with are in their mid twenties. From my experience, basketball can get really competitive and even physical. Tempers are often flared, which could lead to some arguments or even fights between groups. Then through this app, the groups would be able to see exactly where the other group is playing at any time. This could lead to further disputes or physical action. I know it sounds harsh, but I just worry about the safety when using this app. Sports can get very personal, competitive, and physical. So I personally wouldn’t recommend using an app like this, but then again it could be useful if everyone is respectful and uses the app maturely. There is no doubt that the creators of the app has good intentions and believes it can really help people out. I do see how it could be a good alternative for someone who doesn’t have a gym membership or isn’t on a basketball team. This app could certainly help them find competition and work on their game, but there are certainly some risks that come as well. Overall, I think it is really cool that we have found a way to use technology to connect athletes so that they can meet up and play around.

Matt Lodato said...

There is no question that technology today has come to affect almost everything we do in our lives. If you look specifically at social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, business sites like LinkedIn or Way up, and even dating sites like Eharmony, you’ll notice that the technology used is aimed at making it as simple as possible to bring people together and develop relationships. This new Hoop Maps application created by twin brother graduates from Sacramento seems to serve kind of the same purpose. I agree that this is a very smart idea and that it will be successful because people are always looking for the easiest ways to get connected with others and stay connected. Applications and websites like this are what make that possible. No longer are the days where one has to wait around at a basketball court for other people to come play, or call their friends to see if they’re free. In a similar way, people are able to meet others online through numerous dating sites or talk to people across the globe through social media. This new app makes it as easy as possible for basketball lovers to connect and play with people of the same interest all on their phone. I, like you, am also an advocate for the advancement of technology. I strongly believe that it is making the world more connected and making the lives of many people much easier in many different ways. As for the people who argue against the overpowering role of technology in society today, I would guess that the older portion of society feel that some things (like an application for pick up basketball) are not necessary, as they are used to a more old fashion way of connecting with others. With that being said, its been very clear how fast technology is being advanced in society today, and I think that there is no stopping that whether you like it or not. The belief today is, as you said, that technology in all areas is getting bigger and better and will continue to propel civilization further. As this new app becomes more and more popular, I would not be surprised to find other similar apps to bring random people with similar interests together in other ways.