Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Savy Navdy

Now a driver is fully capable of looking at a map while simultaneously keeping their eyes on the road. Navdy is the new hands-free, smartphone-connected, navigations system that is intended to sit on a cars dashboard directly between the steering wheel and the dashboard. This product is unique because the intended viewing screen is fully translucent glass with a projection that provides crisp maps, phone alerts, and additional information directly into the driver’s line of sight. A This product is intended to decrease the amount of distraction for consumers while driving and has succeeded in catching the attention of numerous large companies.
Harmen International Industries, an American company that engineers and designs connected products for automakers, consumers and enterprises world wide, invested an undisclosed amount in Navdy in early December.  Another large company that accepted a deal worth $8 billion in November was Samsung. This is very influential for Navdy because this is Samsung’s first pivot into the automotive market following their withdrawal of its explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7. The technology is still in its infancy stage and the device is not being shipped until later this year; however, broadly speaking, the device falls into the booming industry of in-car gadgetry. Other big players like Android and Apple’s CarPlay, but most consumer reviews stated that Navdy’s product allowed them to concentrate on the road most efficiently. “IHS Automotive, a company that analyzes car industry trends, expects many automakers to integrate these systems.” This is important for Navdy because HIS consumer surveys were compiled and they indicated drivers want systems that provide maps, music, news and social connection. This product may have a bright future because it provides all of the demands wanted by customers and founder and chief executive Doug Simpson states that if commercial airline pilots use it when they are landing, people can easily handle the technology on the road.  

I believe this product will be very prosperous because this product bridges the gap between two large mass markets: cars and smartphones. What is important to understand is the big difference in product replacement and product innovation cycles. The average car on American roads is 11.4 years old and it often takes four years to design and ship a new car, whereas smartphones are simultaneously advance and get replaced every two years. Navdy can potentially improve the experience for those who possess a new smart phone while driving an older car. Navdy also has another interesting vision that could prove to be very effective. Navdy plans on enabling a unique set of enterprise use-cases based on vehicle, road, and driver data that the product collect which is likely to unlock significant value for commercial fleets, insurance companies, car dealerships and developers. They are able to do this because the display comes with a GPS chip, antenna, accelerometers, gyrometer, and sensors to pinpoint where your car is in relation to your route.

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