Thursday, February 2, 2017

Microsoft’s Profit Rises 4 Percent, as Cloud Business Booms

For many years, Microsoft has not been given the best reputation with their software in the tech market. However, in the last three months of 2016, Microsoft’s financial reports show a four percent growth in their earnings. This success was seen to be the result of shifting their software business to cloud computing. Cloud computing is the practice of storing, processing and managing data in network servers instead of local and personal monitors. Microsoft and many of their competing businesses see the cloud as one the biggest movements in technology where data centers are able to connect online applications and functions to the internet altogether.
There are many benefits to upgrading to cloud computing for many big organizations like Microsoft and even Apple or Google. Big companies like these are prone to face disasters occasionally, and the cloud is known to help the recovery process faster with backup and solutions on hand. This would help keep these companies from spending large investments to repair damages that can be easily and quickly be fixed by the cloud. Security is also a big component to many customers that daily use various tech products. Highly sensitive information like phone numbers, emails, passwords, and even credit card information are constantly being hacked into. I think the cloud does an amazing job providing tech companies with security satisfaction for their customers because problems like credit card fraud and identity theft is something everyone wants to avoid.
A competing company like Microsoft will start to see many changes after investing in cloud computing. Since Apple is known to be ahead of their time on the technology curve, people do not necessarily see Microsoft in the same way with their software business. Apple racks in more customers nowadays than many other tech companies and for Microsoft to upgrade to the cloud will make them one step closer to the Apple’s level. I think moving up the chain and being compared towards higher and popular companies will help Microsoft’s sales grow and attract a larger group of consumers.     

Cloud computing has become more desired and in demand by the general population and will only continue to grow from here. Big organizations and companies who have begun to invest in these new technological innovations will continue to see positive outcomes. This will keep customers updated with new tech ideas and benefit both sides of the party.

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