Wednesday, February 1, 2017

IBM offers the only cloud secure enough for the US Army

IBM recently signed a $62 million deal with the United States Army to construct and manage a private could data center. The idea of the ‘cloud’ has been a popular type of storage unit where information and other data, like pictures or documents, are saved on an online database. IBM is able to set themselves apart from other competitors who have created ‘clouds’ by being "authorized by DISA at IL-5 to run Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions on government premises”. Basically, this authorization means that the IBM can be trusted to contain top secret and classified information. 

Security, even with people’s everyday information, like passwords, banking accounts, emails, etc., is a very popular topic in the news and highly demanded by consumers. Many have had their accounts broken into, had their credit card information stolen, and/or experienced identity theft. Although IBM’s deal with the Army is for highly classified government information, the idea of high security for information that is stored electronically is a feature that is highly demand in the technology market. This highly classified cloud that IBM has created will change the ‘cloud’ market in two ways; they have monopolized the market for classified information being stored in a ‘cloud’ by being the only company that has the DISA IL-5 authorization and they have displayed the ability to create ultra secure clouds. 

I believe that the demand for secure ‘clouds’ will only increase and along with that, I predict that tech companies, like apple, windows, dell, etc. will start or, if they have already begun the process, continue to research and development online storage databases that have high levels of security in order to maintain their current consumers and also to convince users of other tech companies to switch over to their products/software. 

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