Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Facebook Bridges Social Media and Job Recruitment

          Since 2004 Facebook has been connecting friends, family and more across the globe. It’s no surprise that Facebook is the largest social media platform that is being offered right now. Facebook has grown into a place where people get their news, build platforms for organizations and share their thoughts while still connecting friends and family. Mark Zuckerberg and his employees are always finding new ways to keep the app interesting like recently adding Facebook Live, which allows people to stream live videos of themselves to their friends. But their newest addition will take them out of just being a social media platform and into another industry.
            Facebook announced that later this week a new feature will provide the tools necessary to be able to compete in the job recruitment industry. With an already big following Facebook will be able to connect millions of job seekers, in the U.S. and Canada, with companies through job postings. Companies will be able advertise new job postings on their page and a persons newsfeed, and also make the application available right then and there on the page (Forbes). LinkedIn makes your resume, awards and experience public but will have you apply by using the company’s website. With Facebook, a job seeker will be able to have their resume readily available, allow for companies to customize their applications anyway they want and it will open up a direct messenger thread with the company once the application is submitted (Forbes). This new feature provides another way for Americans to get back on their feet without doing much of the work themselves. The article mentions how the new update looks to help small companies find employees and job-seekers find the smaller businesses (Forbes). Since small businesses employ almost half of that work force in the United States this will be a good tool to allow those businesses to grow, along with the value of Facebook.
            The users that Facebook already has leaves me with no doubt that in the upcoming years this feature will be a go to for young adults seeking work. Knowing it’s a social media platform I can see why some people would be skeptical on using it when it comes to looking for work, but the new feature will allow people to edit all aspects of the profile when applying through Facebook, except for their profile picture and their name (Forbes). Since companies tend to check social media during the hiring process it gives them direct access to the person they are looking at. I see this as a plus because it allows for a more personal connection, since they can see their hobbies, lifestyle and what they enjoy all through one website. If people are nervous about what the company will find, it probably shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. Facebook will be going head to head with companies like LinkedIn and Glassdoor which will bring an exciting change in the job recruitment industry that people should look forward to.

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Kelly McNamara said...

I think that Facebook joining the online job network is a smart move by the company and also I think their feature sounds promising. Having the job applications more easily accessible and being able to have a direct message thread with the company is a great idea because it is an easy and quick way of communicating and similar to an email without having the companies email being hounded by applicants. 

I agree that this Facebook feature will be great for small businesses because the internet and social media have proven to be a great tool for small businesses to advertise their products so of course it makes sense for it to also be a great help for finding potential employees. I also agree that one of the reasons may hesitate to find employees through Facebook could be that they are afraid about what the employers will find, especially for those people who have had their Facebook account for quite sometime. As you mentioned, most employers do check social media before hiring but the direct contact to a user’s account could be intimidating. 

It would be nice if the feature allowed you to see what the employers would be able to see of your profile. Also Facebook should think about having more and better editing of account features, perhaps they allow you to have the option to hide posts after a certain amount of years. Another idea could be that they allow users to create a ‘second profile’ or one that is designated to being connected to employers. 

Being a user of Linkedin, I find it a difficult website to use and navigate, while I have a much easier time getting around the Facebook website. That is one aspect of the new feature of Facebook that I would especially be intrigued with because I feel as though Facebook is an easier website to post to, edit your profile, and add links to other materials and/or accounts.

I believe that Facebook’s feature is a great path for them to go on. The online networking world is, in my opinion, still in the developing stages and will grow rapidly in the next couple of years. Also, Facebook has a lot of users that are currently in college/grad school and will soon be looking, if they aren’t already, for employment opportunities and by being able to find those opportunities on Facebook, they will find it a lot easier to be connected to employers and be more likely to be more proactive about it.