Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bromium's Innovative Cybersecurity Technology

Cybersecurity has become an essential part of every firms’ network to avoid from hacking and other cyber-attacks. Businesses try to fend millions of cyber-attacks in our extremely connected world every year. A cybersecurity firm called Bromium has created a technology that can protect its employees’, as well as users’ in large organizations from malware hidden in email attachments and compromised websites. It does this through a process called micro-virtualization. Every time the user opens a website of a document Bromium’s technology creates a mini protected virtual environment for each task comparable to a force field. If a virus has been opened up from an email, the virtual environment traps the malware within its bubble and it cannot infect the rest of the machine or come close to touching the corporate network.

The technology is tremendously innovative because of the detail within this type of cybersecurity. It is quite amazing that for each little task, a virtual environment is created in order to capture viruses. Users can freely work with ease and if a mistake on their part does occur, there will always be a bubble-like protection from allowing the virus to spread. This prevents the virus from corrupting the main network, which I find innovative in the cybersecurity world. Bromium has been able to work productively without major loss in performance speed even when a cyber-attack occurs. While, it is true that this technology could be available to the public in the coming years, its function within the corporate world serve a much stronger purpose. Only a fraction of financial service organizations are highly confident that they could detect a data breach and this technology could soon be used throughout the corporate world to increase that lack of confidence.

I found this technology to be astounding because of the amount of security that protects each and every action a user does. Bromium has created a technology that allows the main network to be kept safe even in a centralized network setup. I could see this technology becoming the leading cybersecurity software in the world by the end of the decade. I have not heard of any technologies similar to Bromium’s yet, proving its innovation. 

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