Thursday, February 2, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing author, Gil Press recently wrote an article about how artificial intelligence will effect marketing in the future. Press recently attended the technology event Inbound 2016, and was impressed with how advanced artificial intelligence has become. After observing the event, he infers that marketers will have access to the advanced technology in as little as a few months.

The idea of super smart robots walking the street alongside humans has been talked about for decades. Artificial intelligence excites me, but I’m not all that anticipated for it. It’s especially scary when marketers are equipped with a super smart software that would be extremely efficient at finding buyers. I can’t even watch a video on YouTube or open an app on my phone without being attacked by ads. What do you think is going to happen when marketers begin using artificial intelligence to step up their advertising? Marketers are already able to identify our specific interests through our browsing history. Not that many of us are too concerned with this, but we would all want at least some privacy of this information.

Marketers using artificial intelligence is like advertising on crack. Products are going to start being shoved down our throats. The worst thing about is that they will be products that we will be tempted to buy because they know what type of consumer’s we are. Better yet, they basically could infer everything about our lives. Don’t get me wrong artificial intelligence is crazy cool, just not in the hands of marketers. Although it will be able to match us with exactly what we are looking for when we need something, but I feel that it will be a little overwhelming sometimes.

On the bright side, when we think outside the marketing sector, I think the technology will be beneficial to the internet. The internet is great as is but shopping online with artificial intelligence is awesome. Amazon and other online retailers have increased the volume of online shopping. Recently, it has become normal to purchase something online rather than literally go to the store. Shopping online is just plain easier most times and there is more of a selection. With online retailers incorporating the technology, I believe most of our shopping will be done online. I think it will allow shopper to find the specific products there are looking for easier, and more importantly cheaper.

Marketers being equipped with artificial intelligence is both good and bad. Personally, I am leaning more towards the bad side. I strongly feel that advertisements will be blown out of proportion. Though, the advertisements will be even more personalized to each individual. Press believes that the way future websites and and apps will work will almost be like a conversation between businesses and customers. It seems like its going to become much more product when buying a product in the future. It really depends on what type of product you are looking for to decide if that is good or bad.  


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