Thursday, February 16, 2017

            Alex Konrad recently wrote an article about IBM using its artificial intelligence software, called IBM Watson, in the cyber security field. Watson is one of the leading artificial intelligence systems on the market today. It has the capability of monitoring thousands of events at once. With companies using it to keep watch over it’s servers, they will be notified immediately of any breaches relating to fowl play.
            I find it funny that IBM has just introduced this feature to their artificial intelligence software. I don’t think it is a coincidence that, with the way the media has been covering the election, that IBM just releases this product. Every single media company has been blowing up the headlines with pieces about either the latest dumb thing that Trump has said, or the alleged hacking on the U.S. by Russia. IBM has had the Watson software for a while now. I am not sure when it was created exactly but I know it was beating people in chess in 1997, and winning jeopardy in 2004. In that case, IBM has had the technology for a while. Why haven’t they introduced this side of the software a while ago? Who knows though. They very well could have not been able to adapt the software for cyber security functions. I extremely doubt it though. IBM sales have been struggling over the years, and their introduction of Watson has been able to make up for their losses. It seems a pretty convenient time to release something like this.

Watson is one of the closest programs to genuine, artificial intelligence. It is able to learn from it’s past mistakes. It learns basically just like humans do from trial and error. It can analyze customer feedback and past results to sharpen its accuracy for future functions. Konrad put a quote in the article that IBM spent only the past few months training the software about potential software vulnerabilities. That is exactly what I am talking about. I am almost certain that IBM researchers could’ve done this years ago. It almost looks like they conveniently shaped the product to aid needs as they arise. Though, again I say that maybe they couldn’t have until now, but in my opinion it just really looks like that.

To add to my opinion, the IBM CEO was named to Trump’s advisory team. There are many speculations about cyber security laws being passed in the wake of recent events. I feel like the IBM CEO is using her inside knowledge to boost the company. It’s smart really. Who wouldn’t use the opportunity of working with the president to boost sales.       

            On the bright side, Watson is going to be very beneficial for future cyber security related issues. Using artificial intelligence to avoid potential hackers is a hell of a lot more productive than having employees do it by hand. I wrote my last blog about the use of artificial intelligence in the marketing field as well. It seems like the technology is going to make a significant impact on the future of technology. I wonder how it will affect the future of jobs for actual humans, though.

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